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SpankThis // Dishing it Out

Dishing it Out

jacob Hansen hasn’t been pulling his weight around the house, and roommate Max Carter isn’t about to let the boy slide one more time. So, when Hansen strolls cavalierly into the kitchen while Carter is doing the dude’s dishes and playfully sprays him with water....... it goes DOWN! Soaking wet, and mad as hell, Master Max bends the boy over and gets busy on that bubbled up bottom. He spanks the dude’s donk over tight jeans, then strips him down, sprays him with the hose, and keeps right on hittin’ that hind end, HARD! He inspects his handy work, pulling up Jacob’s undies at the bottom to check out those red hot, crimson cheeks before completely pantsing the pretty boy. Then, our guy REALLY goes to work, wailing on that amazing ass till Hansen howls with humiliation, and pleasurable posterior pain. He manages to whimper out an apology before Carter makes him count down the last twenty licks. Then, Max adds one more for good measure. After the epic ass assault, Mr. Carter puts his boy bitch on kitchen duty, ordering the defeated dish dude to clean up the mess.

Twink, Spanking, Hunks - Studs, Muscular, Blonds, Brunette, Jock, Jock on Twink, Underwear

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