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Bonus Video // Spanking In The Wild

Filmed entirely outdoors in Northern California, the hills are alive with the sound of spankings. First, muscular hunk Kevin has a hard time getting young Jason out of bed. There=s nothing like a long, hard spanking to open a boy=s eyes B so he bends Jason over the front porch railing to spank him on his white briefs, then takes a seat on a tree stump for an intense over-the-knee session on Jason=s bare butt, ending with a paddle. Meanwhile, Eddy is taking a hike through the woods, leaving a trail of litter behind him. Kevin stumbles on the cute young man and teaches him to respect the beauty of nature, while we get to enjoy the natural beauty of Eddy=s firm rump as it turns crimson and his cries echo through the canyon. The sound of slaps and cries draws the attention of Scott who eavesdrops on Eddy and Kevin. He drops his pants and starts to jack-off just as Ranger Steve Colton steps up behind him. Before he can grab his cut-offs, Colton guides him over his lap and starts slapping his ass. Colton delivers a hard thrashing to the bearded outdoorsman teaching him a powerful lesson. ABears do spank in the woods!

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